Saturday, November 15, 2014

beaded sphere (Temari beads) instructions

A great book about dimensional jewelry in peyote stitch is the ''Shaped Beadwork & beyond'' by Diane Fitzgerald.
The beaded ball of Diane Fitzgerald was inspired by the Temari balls, popular japanese toys, which turned into a traditional art form.

A Temari bead is composed by twenty triangles,
each triangle is usually formed by four rows (picture 1)

picture 1 

  • Zip due to connector beads, five triangles together,  to form a pentagon (picture 3)

picture 3 

  • Zip the next five triangles to the pentagon, to form a star, and obtain half temari bead (pictures 4-5)
picture 4a
picture 4b

picture 4c

picture 4d

picture 5a


  • Make an identical star, add connector beads (picture 6), 
picture 6

and zip the two pieces together as in pictures 7

picture 7a

picture 7b

picture 7c

picture 7d

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