Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The Vochol is a Volkswagen (VW) Beetle that has been decorated with traditional Huichol (Wirrárika) beadwork from the center-west of Mexico. The name is a combination of “vocho”, a popular term for VW Beetles in Mexico, and “Huichol”, the common name of the Wirrárika indigenous group.

The work was created by eight artisans from two Huichol families, the Bautistas from state of Jalisco and the Ortiz from the state of Nayarit. The artisans worked under the direction of Francisco Bautista to decorate the chassis and interior of the vehicle in an exclusive design. For the artisans, the car was not only a source of employment, but also a way to promote their art and craftsmanship. The artisans clocked 4,760 hours using 2,277,000 beads that weighed ninety kilograms and fastened with sixteen kilograms of resin that can withstand 200° Celsius. The project at the Hospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara lasted over seven months and began in May 2010. At a later stage, work continued at the Centro Estatal para las Culturas Populares e Indígenas in Nayarit. The final touches were placed on the car at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City. 

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